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When your building has a pitched roof, it can be confusing as to whether gutters are necessary. Nearly all modern pitched roofs have a covering membrane that prevents any water from leaking inside. If your roof is even on a slight slope though, it is crucial that you install gutters to ensure proper drainage. Fortunately, we at The Pitched Roofing Company have proven professionals that can competently install efficient guttering systems onto your pitched roof.

It is crucial that you choose the correct type of material for your gutters so that we install a system that is right for you. Steel, aluminium, copper, and vinyl are some of the best materials that make up gutters and each come with their own benefits. For example, aluminium doesn’t rust and is available in a variety of colours, while copper gutters require very little maintenance. Of course, we are able to advise you on this important choice so your gutters are as effective as they can be.

The installation process is made easy thanks to the skill of our team, so you won’t have to wait long for your gutters to be installed. Our installation experts will make sure that your gutter is securely fitted to withstand adverse weather conditions and ensure longevity. Once our work is complete, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your pitched roof is less likely to be damaged because of excess water.


Soffits are a lesser known, yet still vital element of pitched roofs, and roofs in general. They are fixed underneath the outer edges of the roof and serve the dual purpose of being an aesthetic addition as well as a protective one. By installing soffits, you’re increasing the longevity of your pitched roof by protecting the rafters from exposure to the elements. Soffits made of uPVC have a strong resilience to rotting or warping. This fact, in turn, prevents such damage from reaching your roof.

There are many other benefits to having soffits installed onto your pitched roof. One such benefit is that the uPVC material is highly customisable, meaning it can seamlessly blend in with your existing home. The material is also far more affordable than the more expensive soffits made from aluminium and steel. On top of all of this, uPVC soffits are also highly water resistant, so can prevent damp from entering your home.

Here at The Pitched Roofing Company, we can quickly install high-quality soffits onto your pitched roof so that it is further reinforced. Our team have plenty of experience with what is considered to be a tricky installation process, so you can rest assured that professionals are handling your pitched roof. If you’d like to know more about soffits and what their benefits are, be sure to get in touch with us today.


One of the final features to add to your pitched roof are fascias. These are essentially long straight boards that are usually made of wood, hence why they are more commonly referred to as fascia boards. Fascias are placed where the roof meets an outer wall and serve a very similar purpose to soffits. Unlike soffits though, fascias are generally more eye-catching, with their aesthetic benefits not to be understated.

Many manufacturers now produce fascias that are made out of plastic or vinyl, both of which are easier to customise than the more common material, wood. The benefits to these fascias are that they are impervious to rot and are, therefore, longer lasting. This durability is especially beneficial with regards to fascias providing extra protection to your pitched roof and upper home exterior in general.

Our experts at The Pitched Roofing Company are more than capable of installing your chosen fascias onto your roof. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure this crucial feature is securely fitted while remaining pleasing on the eye. Fascias are an integral part of ensuring the longevity of your pitched roof, so take advantage of our service and get them installed now.