Insulation & Ventilation Analysis

A common issue we see in existing pitched roofs is the lack of correct ventilation, leading to condensation build-up.

If the roof area cannot ‘breathe’ efficiently, this will cause mass areas of damp/wet which eventually spreads across the roof area and timber structure. At The Pitched roofing company, the premier roofing company in Bournemouth or Roofing Company in Poole, we can inspect existing roof areas from the inside and outside to determine whether the roof has the correct ventilation and furthermore what the options are to prevent his from happening.

Materials for Insulation and Ventilation

One problem we consistently come across is the material used for or the lack of a breather membrane. Very old style felt breathers were commonly used which allow minimal ventilation and the laps shrink overtime causing gaps in the system. Once condensation starts to form, this moisture will find its way behind the breather membrane and into the roof space. Issues like this can commonly be missed until it is too late and the timber starts to become damaged.

There are a variety of innovative designs/products to aid with ventilation on pitched roofs. These range from vented slates/tiles, vented dry fix ridge systems, mushroom vent pipes, over fascia vents.

Insulation – Commonly pitched roof areas are considered a cold roof with the ceiling space insulated but the pitch of the roof un-insulated. Adding insulation to the pitch of the roof (with correct ventilation) can provide better energy efficiency for the property and a better performing U-value, converting a cold loft space into an energy saving space. Our staff can attend viewings to complete analysis and proposals while being able to help the customer understand the concept and how it all works on their property.

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