Lead Work

The lead work on your roof is just as important as the tiles/slates!

There can be various elements of lead installed over a pitched roof – Dormers, flashings, chimney breasts, valleys, lead slate/tile, lead details on flues/pipes. Over time old lead used on these aspects can be prone to splitting/cracking and deteriorating, dependent on the code and brand of lead originally used. Lead work is a very important part of a pitched roof and can be the difference to a dry or wet property if not installed or maintained correctly.

We recommend that attention is paid to any lead works as well as the roof itself, so that issues can be resolved before they create a larger problem. As a part of our service on inspections/viewings we can check the condition of the lead and ensure it is doing the correct job. A common issue we find is the use of a very low code of lead which can split while folding or the use of flash-band, a silver temporary flashing tape notoriously used on buildings instead of lead which can lead to serious long-term issues within the system.

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