One of our recent projects took place in Lilliput, where a customer required us to perform a tricky service for them.

Their roof had been constructed using felt, a material that proves far less durable over time, and had not been installed correctly. This error had led to condensation coming down into the house. As such, we at The Pitched Roofing Company were asked to remove and replace the existing roof to solve the problem.


This project was challenging in comparison to others as the felt roof was covered in decorative stones, meaning we had to be extra careful when pulling it up. As the roof had been installed incorrectly, it was difficult for our employees to remove it without further damaging the surrounding exterior. The felt roof had initially been covered in water, so it was a challenge for us to lay down a new membrane. This was because the existing surface did not allow water to run off it.

The Pitched Roofing Company
The Pitched Roofing Company


Thanks to their skill and dedication, our team were able to transform the roof entirely and lay down a brand new membrane roof with timber support. The timber was installed where the felt had originally been and made a strong foundation for our new roof surface. The client was wholly satisfied with the proper installation job we had performed.

To avoid a repeat of the standing water issue, our flat roof was installed at a slight incline so that water would run off it with ease. This action was also taken to prevent the same condensation issue from reoccurring.

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