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Have you been searching for a reliable team of roofers in Poole? Then look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at The Pitched Roofing Company! We’re delighted to be the first-choice roofing team for many local property owners who need to have professional work carried out on their roofs. 

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The Best Roofing Contractor in Poole 

Here at The Pitched Roofing Company, we’re proud to be considered the best roofers in Poole. Our staff work closely with all of our clients to make sure that they have the correct roofing work carried out for their property. You can expect every member of our thoroughly trained team to be professional at all times, as they aim to complete your proposed roofing project with speed and efficiency. It’s our aim to exceed the expectations of all property owners and to leave them wholly satisfied with our efforts. 

Our staff have all been fully trained in how to carry out an impressive range of roofing services for property owners in Poole, including roofing contractor Poole and roofing contractor Bournemouth. We have worked on many challenging projects over the years, so we have built up the experience that’s needed to take on any roofing job. Thanks to the skill and knowledge of our team, we’re confident in being able to tackle all roofing work for Poole property owners. You can depend on the professionalism and expertise of our staff for every roofing project.

Commercial and Domestic Pitched Roofing Contractor Poole

At The Pitched Roofing Company, it has always been our aim to cater to the needs of as many property owners in Poole as possible. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand our range of services so that we can carry out roofing work for both commercial and domestic clients. We realise that all kinds of property owners in Poole will have specific needs when it comes to their roof, which is why we’ve made sure that our team have the versatility and knowledge that’s required to cater to everyone. 

For domestic projects, you can always expect our staff to respect your home and to make sure that our work does not interfere too much with your everyday life. Similarly, for commercial projects concerning pitched roofs, our team members will ensure that their operations do not cause disruption to your daily work. No matter the scale of your pitched roofing project, you can depend on our roofers in Poole to come up with a viable solution, as they carry out roofing work to the highest standard. 

Our Services

When you first reach out to us at The Pitched Roofing Company, you will be taken through a thorough consultation process, during which we will ask you to outline your requirements for your pitched roof. Our team will need to know exactly what kind of work needs to be carried out so that they can prepare for the project suitably. Whether you have a clear idea of what needs to be done for your roofing project or you have no idea where to start, you can depend on our experts to deliver useful advice. 

Once your needs have been outlined, we’ll put in place a plan of action for your roofing project. If you have any queries about the price of the work, worry not, as we’ll provide you with a FREE quote at the start of the process. We will arrange a convenient date upon which to visit your property and get started with the required roofing work. Rest assured, no matter what type of project we’re working on, our team will work with speed and efficiency to complete your roof in no time. 

Roof Repair Bournemouth
  • Pitched Roofs 

Most property owners reach out to our roofers in Poole because they need to have a new pitched roof fitted. Our pitched roof experts know how to design and install pitched roofs correctly so that they don’t cause issues for property owners. You can expect our team to adhere to your design requirements and put together a pitched roof that will defend your building from the elements. You can choose to have either slate or tiles as part of your pitched roof, with our team having access to both. If you require reliable pitched roof repairs Poole or pitched roof repairs Bournemouth, our skilled team is equipped to handle any repair needs your roof may have.

Roof Tiling 

Many property owners, particularly domestic ones, choose to have tiles fitted as part of their pitched roof in Poole. We have made sure to expand and improve our selection of roof tiles so that there are suitable options for all of our clients. Our staff will provide you with useful advice on how to take care of your roof tiles. 

  • Roof Slate 

Commercial and industrial property owners tend to opt for slate when they reach out to us for a pitched roof. The roof slate options that we have are sleek and durable, making them the perfect choice for commercial property owners in Poole. Our team will fit your roof slate to make sure that it is stable and built to last. 

  • Roof Repairs 

Many property owners in Poole reach out to us because they’re experiencing issues with their roofs. Roof problems can range from loose tiles and slates to exterior damage done to the pitched roof itself. Occasionally, clients will reach out to us because they’re experiencing a minor issue with their roof that can be solved with no more than a spot of maintenance. If our team can maintain the condition of your roof rather than carry out full-on repairs, this will be both cost-effective and long-lasting. 

A lot of the time, we’re called out for roof repairs because loose tiles and slates are falling off of the roof. Our roof repairs team have tackled this problem many times before, so they’re confident in being able to fix your roof in no time. We will fit the slates or tiles back into place and make sure that they’re secure before providing you with useful maintenance advice for the future. 

With our roof repairs, you can rest assured knowing that this vital area of your home has been dealt with by a team of reliable experts. 

Why Choose The Pitched Roofing Company? 

In the time that we have been operating, we’ve built up an excellent reputation as reliable roofers in Poole. We have taken on many challenging projects over the years and have completed them all to a high standard. It’s because of our impressive history of success that we’ve become the go-to roofing contractor for many property owners in Poole. Thanks to the skill and dedication of our roofers, we’re always finding a way to improve our roofing services. 

All property owners in Poole will want to make sure that their roof is being worked on by a team of proven professionals. After all, roofing services aren’t cheap, so you’ll want to know that all work is being overseen by experts. We are proud to boast that our consistently excellent work has resulted in us being fully accredited by several well-respected industry organisations. The Federation of Master Builders and CITB are just two industry bodies that endorse the skill of our roofers in Poole. 

We have taken on many challenging roofing projects for local clients over the years, all of which have been completed to an exceptionally high standard. Thanks to the continued efforts of our staff, we’ve received many positive reviews, most of which can be read in full on our testimonials page. The comments here will give you a better idea of how our team operate on all roofing projects. Reading through this feedback is sure to convince you that we’re the best contractor for roofing services. 

While reading about our roofing work can be useful, it’s far better to see our past efforts for yourself. To make this possible, we’ve put together a projects page that is filled with images from our recent roofing jobs. The pictures on this page demonstrate the high standard of quality that we can deliver on all roofing projects, no matter what is required by our clients. Browsing through these images is sure to leave you impressed, as you’ll see the high standard of work that’s delivered by our roofers in Poole.

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