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Solar green roofs are a fairly unheard-of concept, so very few people know of their benefits. For instance, green roofs adapt to the seasons, decreasing a building’s energy consumption. This is because of their natural propensity for retaining water. While the level of water retention can vary, most property owners will note a reduction in energy consumption. Green roofs can also protect the underlying roofing materials, doubling, and, in some cases, even tripling their life expectancy. 

Plus, there are other benefits too, including: 

  • Improved Air and Water Quality 
  • Reduction in Sound Transfer 
  • Sustainable Drainage System 
  • Climate Change Adaptation 
  • And More! 

And when you equip your roof with solar panels, the benefits increase even further. With panels in place, your property has the means to draw in and store solar energy. This can either be repurposed to run the electrics in your property or sold on. Either way, this will benefit you in the form of lower monthly costs. 

Quality Solar Green Roofs Created by Trained Professionals 

Before we explain our service, what exactly are green roofs? They have been around for many centuries in one form or another, and while the concept has evolved, the basic function remains the same. Green roof installations are where a vegetative layer is placed atop a conventional waterproofed surface. While heavier than conventional roofs, the benefits they provide make them worth adding to your property, especially if you’re interested in green construction. 

At The Pitched Roofing Company, we install standard and solar green roofs – the principal difference being that the latter has panels for capturing sunlight installed while the former does not. While panels aren’t a necessary feature, they can further add to the environmental benefits of a green roof. We’ll discuss this with you when you contact us and talk you through the process as well as any other customisable options that might be available. 

Whether you opt for solar panels or not, you won’t be left disappointed by what’s on offer. Our team can convert literally any flat roof into a green roof, and the process is quite straightforward. Once we have an idea of your requirements, you’ll be presented with a FREE, no-obligation quote. If you decide to proceed, our team will set a date to come and carry out the conversion. Alternatively, we can install a green roof as part of a new roof installation. 

If you would like to learn more about solar green roofs and how one could benefit your property, get in touch with The Pitched Roofing Company today. 

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