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Seamless Flat Roofing Solar Panel Installation 

There are many reasons why someone would choose to install flat roof solar systems, with the predominant one being a greener form of energy. With the world more aware of the environmental impact of everyday living, property owners are looking for ways to reduce the impact. By coming to The Pitched Roofing Company, we can fit new panels on your property to give you all the benefits.

Before we get to work, we will visit your building and survey the roof. This will also give our team an opportunity to learn more about your requirements and desire to have solar panels. Flat roof owners will not only benefit from a sustainable energy standpoint, but they wont have to worry about the panels being an eyesore for neighbours. 

With regards to the solar panel installation process, each flat roofing solar panel is very heavy, so it is essential that each component is fitted correctly. To ensure that the panels are waterproof, we use metal tubes with a membrane exterior. Rest assured that every product has been rigorously tested to ensure that you get the most out of your panels. 

Our team will tilt the flat roof solar systems so that over the course of the day, your property soaks up as much sun as possible. The panels will be mounted at an angle of at least 10 degrees, and you dont have to worry about cleaning as rain will clear away debris. Before the installation takes place, we will explain what is involved and how our team will complete the project. 

Our Other Services 

As specialists in all flat roofing systems, including domestic, commercial, and industrial, you can trust us to install solar panels. Flat roof features are what we know best, but we can also install green roofs and pitched roofs. All you have to do is get in touch with a member of our team and we will take it from there! 

There is no doubt that we should be your first-choice installers for a flat roofing solar panel, but we offer plenty more. Our team are on hand to offer maintenance and cleaning packages, ensuring that your roof stays in good condition. We also offer a repairs service that is second to none. 

So, if youre looking for flat roof solar systems, we can help. However, we can also provide you with the following: 

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Here at The Pitched Roofing Company, we are backed up by more than 15 years of experience. During that time, we have formed a stellar reputation for excellent services and competitive prices. We also have a military background, so you can expect expert precision and timekeeping when we install your solar panels, flat roof owners. 

All of our materials are sourced from trusted and reputable suppliers, which should give you peace of mind when we install solar panels. Flat roof owners should know that we will take care of the supply and installation for all domestic projects, and we will work with developers on larger projects. 

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