Solar Panels in Southampton

At The Pitched Roofing Company, our team was hired to complete a project on some newly built apartments in Southampton.

We were tasked with installing solar panels onto the roof so that the buildings would be able to use greener energy. Our team consulted heavily with the client to fully understand their requirements before getting to work.


Of the many challenges that this project posed, the most prominent one was ensuring that the solar panels were fitted securely. Such panels are very heavy, so if not installed correctly can cause severe damage to the property. As such, our team had to take care with their work and make sure that each panel was stable on the surface of the roof.

Another aspect of this project that was challenging was the fact that we had to ensure that the panels were 100% waterproof. To make sure that this was the case, our team had to be extremely vigilant when fitting the panels. This task required extra attention to detail as well as comprehensive testing, a process that was time-consuming for our staff.

solar panels on top of the roofs
solar panels on top of the roof


After working tirelessly on the project, our team installed the solar panels to the great satisfaction of the client. We used solar bars, which are metal tubes with a membrane exterior, to make sure the panels were fully waterproofed. These didn’t detract from the appearance of the roof and made sure that the panels themselves were secure.

Our staff made sure that the integrity of the existing roof surface was maintained, while also fastening the panels securely. Overall, we managed to complete the work within the agreed timeframe thanks to our comprehensive planning and exceptional efforts.

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