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Does your roof need to be fixed? Are you looking for a company to carry out a much-needed tile roof repair? Bournemouth customers should look no further than The Pitched Roofing Company for quality tile roof repair services. The roof is easily one of the most important parts of a building’s structure, so it must be kept in full working order.

Here at The Pitched Roofing Company, we recognise just how daunting it can be when suddenly you discover your roof is leaking or has been damaged. But thanks to our quality roofing services, you’ll discover that we offer a stress- and hassle-free way to resolve the problem without costing you a fortune.

We work for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers, providing cost-effective services that make us the first-choice company for pitched roof repairs and installations. We boast a versatile team that can handle any job, regardless of size or complexity. And we even provide other services, too, from insulation and ventilation analysis to roof/drone surveys.

Our customers speak highly of our roof repair contractors as they recognise the fast and reliable service we offer that delivers transformative and lasting results. When you come to us for tile roof repair services, you can count on us to make right any problems, leaving your roof stronger and more durable.

We’ll greatly extend your roof’s lifespan, saving you money on costly replacements and leaving you with one less thing to worry about. If you’d like to learn more about tile roof repair, Bournemouth customers should call our team today on 01202 925951.

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Best Roofing Contractors in Bournemouth

At The Pitched Roofing Company, we’re delighted with our reputation as the best roofing contractor in Bournemouth. If you require roof repair services, you’ve struck gold as our team are skilled and equipped to carry out all repairs, from minor leaks to heavy storm damage. We’ll work closely with you from the outset, assuring you of peace of mind.

The roof is easily one of the most important parts of any building. That’s because it’s the first line of defence against inclement weather, protecting you from snow, rain, hail, wind, and even UV radiation from prolonged sunlight exposure. It also maintains the internal ambient temperature, keeping you comfortable and your bills lower.

Plus, the roof enhances kerb appeal, so keeping your roof in tip-top condition is worthwhile. If you suspect a problem, don’t hesitate to call us for tile repair, Bournemouth customers. We’ll have your roof whipped back into shape in no time.

Tile Roof Leak Repair

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely searched for tile roof repair, Bournemouth customers. Our roof repair contractors are proficient at carrying out all repairs on pitched roofs. We can address any number of issues, with the most common being:

  • Condensation
  • Old Felt/Breather Membranes
  • Water Ingress
  • Damaged or Slipped Tiles/Slates

Water ingress is where rainwater or water from melted snow enters the property, in this case, through the roof. Roof tiles that leak are one of the biggest causes of internal dampness, resulting in mould growth and dry and wet rot. Dampness can also negatively impact your health, plus it can also affect the internal temperature.

This problem isn’t always immediately picked up by the homeowner and often only becomes noticeable once it’s entered the internal structure. Common entry points are through missing or slipped tiles/slates and on abutments/flashing built using lead or GRP.

Please note that internal dampness can also be caused by condensation and is usually caused by internal sources, like showering or cooking on the stove without proper ventilation. Insufficient ventilation in the roof might be a contributing factor preventing this condensation from escaping.

Whatever the issue, we’ll assess your roof, determine the problem and cause and provide roof repair services to restore your roof to full functionality.

Our Services

At The Pitched Roofing Company, our roof repair contractors provide a range of services, including:

You can learn more about pitched roofs, roof tiling, and our other roof repair services below, including tile roof repair in Bournemouth.

Roof Repair Bournemouth

Pitched Roofs

In some cases, replacing a roof might be far more economical rather than patching it up. And if the roof has been damaged beyond repair, it’ll need to be replaced for safety reasons. Fortunately, we at The Pitched Roofing Company can help as we can design and install a new pitched roof on any building.

We’ll survey your property, determine your requirements and budget, and provide you with an installation tailored to your needs.

Roof Tiling

Roof tiles are a highly desirable option that’s both timeless and charming. They are easy to install and strong and durable. When fitted by a trained team like our tile roof repair Bournemouth experts, you can be confident your tiles will last a lifetime. We source our roof tiles from responsible manufacturers and install them using proven techniques.

So, you can count on your tiles providing many years of reliable service.

Roof Repair Services

In addition to repairing leaky roof tiles and poor ventilation, we also fix many other issues, such as storm damage and missing or loose tiles. Such issues can immediately impact or worsen with time, becoming a major headache. Fortunately, we possess the skills and expertise to affect permanent fixes, restoring your roof to full functionality.

We’ll thoroughly inspect your roof (we offer drone surveys that offer the best value for money), and once we’ve determined the problem and cause, we’ll quote for the repairs. Our quotes are no obligation and list all the costs of our roof repair services upfront with no hidden fees to worry about.

Why Choose Us for Your Tile Roof Repair in Bournemouth?

At this stage, you should be better acquainted with what we offer at The Pitched Roofing Company. The question remains, “Why choose us over other roof repair contractors?” We’ve been offering cost-effective, reliable roof repair services for many years. In that time, we’ve built an enviable reputation and continued to go from strength to strength.

Many customers wouldn’t hesitate to recommend us for tile roof repair. Bournemouth residents and business owners won’t find better roof repair services anywhere else. Our past endeavours have been fully endorsed by several industry bodies, such as:

Our Checkatrade profile is worth checking out as it’s through here that you can read many of the positive reviews we’ve received over the years.

The foundation of our tile roof repair Bournemouth company is honesty, dedication, and reliability. We’re committed to becoming the most trustworthy and affordable roofing contractor in the South of England. We’ve even obtained contracts with the BCP Council, Bournemouth University, and Bournemouth and Poole College.

This should illustrate why we’re a company you can trust to provide roof repair services. We offer a truly modernised service reinforced through innovation. You’ll be assured of advanced roofing solutions at affordable prices. And thanks to our military background, you can count on our logistical proficiency and technical know-how.

One final note is that we’re environmentally conscious, too. We source all our roofing materials responsibly and make our intentions clear that it is and always will be our intention to promote actions that protect the environment. This includes waste management and correctly recycling hazardous materials.

Contact The Pitched Roofing Company now if you want to learn more about what we do for the environment or make enquiries about our company or services.

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So, if you’re looking for a company that offers competitively priced tile roof repair, Bournemouth customers need look no further than The Pitched Roofing Company. Remember that we’re the company to call for quality roofing services for domestic, commercial, and industrial clients. We boast a highly trained and fully certified team of roofing professionals, so you can count on us to provide you with fantastic services.

Our roof repair contractors are always delighted to talk shop, so if you have any questions about our tile roof repair services, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your queries and ease any concerns you might have. And if your property requires a new roof, we’ve got you covered as we’ve many years of experience installing pitched roofs.

To learn more about our roof repair services or our roof installations, pick up the phone and call our tile roof repair Bournemouth company on 01202 925951. For written queries, fill out our online contact form or email info@thepitchedroofingcompany.com.