We at The Pitched Roofing Company were recently hired on behalf of ICB projects to install a green roof for a client that runs a surgery in Winchester.

The building already had a single-ply membrane which we needed to maintain while installing the new surface on top. Once we had laid out our plans with the client, our team began work on the roof.


The biggest challenge that our team faced was retaining the Alwitra Evalon V single-ply membrane that was already a part of the roof. The current surface was in good condition, so we didn’t want to damage it, which would have meant a costly replacement. As such, we had to proceed with caution while still fitting the green roof securely.

Another thing our team had to be aware of was the time limit for our project. Installing green roofs should be done as quickly as possible so that the client suffers from minimal disruption. It was vital for us to maintain our high standard or quality while still completing the project within the agreed timeframe.

The Pitched Roofing Company
The Pitched Roofing Company


Through the dedication of our team, we managed to complete the project successfully. Our staff worked quickly to meet the agreed deadline, yet did not compromise on quality. Through our careful planning, we were able to complete each step of the project on schedule. This approach meant the installation process was smooth and straightforward.

We also managed to build the green roof over the existing single-ply membrane without any trouble. Our team laid down the necessary features such as the pebbles and the sedum so that they didn’t put any strain on the original surface. This feat demonstrated the skill of our staff and resulted in a green roof that was both stable and aesthetically appealing. We’re pleased to say that our work left the client wholly satisfied.

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